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What are the compulsory mentions on a professional's website?

The website published by a company must contain information about its identity, its terms and conditions of sale, the use of cookies and the processing of personal data of users.

The legal mentions are the information that allow the Internet user to identify us.

Legal notices are mandatory on any professional website and must be easily accessible.

Otherwise 375 000 € fine ☹

Identity of the company: corporate name, legal form, address of the registered office and amount of share capital.

Registration number in the RCS: Trade and Companies Register.

Mail and phone number to contact your company

VAT identification number

Identity of the host: Company in charge of storing on its servers the data of the website: name or company name, address and phone number

So if you have arrived here, please find our legal information

Otherwise call us at +33 1 87 66 34 32


Corporate name: Café Royal Pro

Legal form: Société par Actions Simplifiée

Capital: €2,000,000

RCS : 838 838 357 Paris

VAT: FR 45 838 838 357

Address : 89 rue du faubourg St Antoine, 75011, Paris, France

Email :

Telephone: +33 (0)1 87 66 34 32

Director of publication: Patrick Krawczyk

Hosting company details: Company name:

Legal form: Société par Actions Simplifiée

RCS : 521 496 059 Paris

VAT: FR21521496059

Address : 131 boulevard de Sébastopol 75002 Paris

Site :

Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 09 30 00