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"I joined the Café Royal Pro team a few months ago as Customer Success Project Manager, and I have to say that my experience so far has been very rewarding.

From my very first day, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues and superiors, who introduced me to the company culture and its core values. Working conditions here are excellent, and management attaches real importance to the well-being of its employees. In fact, a tradition was established as soon as I arrived at Café Royal Pro: the Monday team workout. This group exercise session allows us to bond with our colleagues outside the workplace, keep fit, and start the week with boundless energy. For me, it's a great way of building team spirit.

Our team is very convivial. We have our Friday "anything goes" ritual, during which we discover a new restaurant together. We all have lunch together, which further reinforces the warm atmosphere and team spirit.

As far as my responsibilities are concerned, my assignments are varied and stimulating. I feel constantly pushed to excel. Café Royal Pro values continuous learning, mutual support and collaboration between teams. It's a most rewarding professional experience."